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Sichuan BONNY Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the National High-tech Industrial Park in Luzhou city, Sichuan province, southwest China, founded in 1965 and formerly known as Changjiang Excavator Works. It is a professional manufacturer of 40-220 tons hydraulic excavators, 18-130 tons hydraulic material handler and 10-50 tons scrap-vehicle dismantlers (All of these machines can be powered separately by diesel engine, electromotor or multi diesel- electric powers), and is a professional manufacturing base for middle and large construction machinery in China.

BONNY is a national high-tech enterprise; a national high-tech R&D program of China (863 Program) enterprise; a science and technology industrial enterprise and major equipment manufacturing enterprise in Sichuan province, and has set up a “provincial enterprise technology center” in Sichuan province.

In June 1977, BONNY developed a brand-new 40-ton hydraulic excavator in China based on the introduction of R961 excavator from Liebherr company of Germany. In 1985, BONNY introduced the complete technology (Know How + Know Why) of three 60-90 ton hydraulic excavators (R962, R972, R982) and some special equipment for manufacturing from Liebherr company of Germany, and started the development history of large hydraulic excavators in China. In 1998, BONNY successfully developed China’s first crawler hydraulic material handler WY160A which led a new revolution in the material handling industry in China. During the course of the development of the company, China’s first hydraulic excavator, China’s largest tonnage hydraulic excavator, China’s first electric-powered hydraulic excavator and China’s first hydraulic material handler all were born in BONNY.

Factory Address:

No. 16, 4th Section, Jiugu Avenue, Jiangyang District, Luzhou, Sichuan, P. R. China


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